Mail Jumpr FAQ

What is Mail Jumpr?

It's a web-based utility allowing you to copy your email messages from one server to another.

How does it work?

Mail Jumpr downloads each message from the source server (over POP3 or IMAP), and then uploads it to the destination server (over IMAP).

Is it possible to lose any emails because of a MailJumpr transfer

No, the emails on the source server are left intact. Only READ operations are performed at the source location.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, using Mail Jumpr is completely free of charge.

How secure is MailJumpr?

Quite secure. The MailJumpr utility is only accessible via a secure SSL connection. So, no information that you submit to this website can be seen by a third party. This ensures that your email passwords are safe. If you are still worried about your passwords however, you can change them before and after the transfer.

The transferred emails are only stored in the RAM (volatile memory) of the web server while the transfer is in progress. When the transfer ends, there would be no trace of your messages or passwords anywhere on the MailJumpr server. We do keep on file some transfer details however. The info that is stored fore each transfer is listed below:

  • The source server address and username
  • The type of the source server (POP3 or IMAP)
  • The destination server address and username
  • The start and end time of each transfer
  • The number and the total size of the transferred messages
  • Any error messages (if the transfer ended with an error)
This is the complete info that is stored on our side for each transfer. It will ONLY be used for debugging purposes, and to improve This information is considered confidential, so it will never be shared with any third parties (unless a law enforcement organization requests it according the applicable law).

We understand that this information may be sensitive to you, so if you do not want us to keep the details for your particular transfer, send an email to removalrequest [at], and we will make sure that your data is removed from our database.